My first exposure to programming was in 1976, on a Radio Shack TRS-80, using Basic. My first job using computers was with American Fidelity Insurance, Oklahoma City, in 1981.

In 1982 I developed applications for Liberty National Bank in Oklahoma City, working on DEC PDP and VAX computers.

In 1985 I worked for the Hertz Corporation Data Center for 12 years, developing applications on Unisys and IBM mainframes, OS/2 and Windows client/servers and on HP-UX Unix platform, using numerous databases and application development technologies.

In 1997 I launched out as a computer consultant, working with Oracle, SQL Server and Access databases; using Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, Powerbuilder, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Visual Studio, C#/.NET, Reporting Services and Microsoft Office tools; developing on Unix and Windows platforms.

I've built and administrated numerous databases, created hundreds of tables, views, stored procs, functions, triggers and DTS packages, have written well over a million lines of code for numerous applications, and have created hundreds of specialized reports with Reporting Services, Business Objects and Crystal Reports.

I've installed, upgraded, integrated, administered and developed numerous ERP solutions on Syteline 8/9.